6 Digital Transformations in Business Trends After the Pandemic

Getting a few opportunities costs the same as losing a few

Pandemic has changed various definitions including capitalism, socialism, business, politics, and fortune. Besides, various events summarized in the famous book Black Swan, written by Nassem Taleb, came true. Major transformations took place in both small businesses and enterprises. Several businesses with no future became billion-dollar clubs, and several businesses earning trillions of dollars fell down the sinkhole.

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Pharma, Medicine, Information Technology, and a few other businesses had a good advantage of the pandemic, attracting the attention of a multitude of business tycoons, startups, and investors. Besides, Information Technology and related businesses had a buttery smooth incline towards the mountain of the economy. Let’s review a few businesses among them, that might hopefully be your next million-dollar project.

Whether it’s about delivering a few insulin pills to grandpa or prescribing medicine for Karen who sued the entire industry of air conditioners because she got hit by the bicycle delivered by Mitsubishi to her child (as a gift). There’s no more pausing our ongoing Netflix episode and paddling towards the nearest sanitizer-smelling clinics or pharmacies full of surgical masks.

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Several apps like Practo and 1mg started delivering their prescriptions or medicines over the screens, reaching the goal of ‘helping the sick’ as well as ‘filling the pockets’ (Don’t take it wrong).

If you’re already into the business that requires you to attend daily 10'O Clock meetings, you’ve seen the new transformation that eventually takes your meetings towards the next level of the same boring 10'O Clock sessions. Well, at least you can attend your meetings in your comfy shorts or pajamas.

Although I missed a great tea time and free snacks, Webinars and video conferences have helped us form an online meeting regardless of wherever you are, with the least budget you can afford.

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You already know the apps like Zoom, Skype, Google Meet, and several others who took over the trend.

There was a time when the students had to attend the classes they didn’t want to, write homework that could be of no help, and get tutored by the teachers they disliked the most. Well, as you guessed, that didn’t change at all.

There are still stupidly traditionalized school instructors and parents who don’t have any idea on how to transform their student’s future by teaching them what they need to learn.

However, a few platforms grabbed the most creative instructors, created an interactive learning experience, and made studies more fun and interesting.

Since I am a developer, I’d name a few platforms i.e., Udemy, edx, Skillshare, and Linkedin Learning. These platforms offer useful courses from the best instructors in many categories alongside coding.

Although we couldn’t shop freely in the short time we had, inside the stores full of crowd, the delivery industry has helped us get our products delivered, whether it’s food, grocery, or any basic amenities you might have needed to survive until the pandemic ends.

This made our asses weaker and kept the stocks of the delivery industry afloat, even after the pandemic. Food delivery platforms like Zomato and Uber Eats are a few examples of delivery industries.

No, they have nothing to do with the pandemic. But Celibritism on social media has attracted the interests of several buddies trying to entertain their audience by dancing like monkeys. This celibritism, again, took place due to long hours of nothing-to-do-but-keep-scrolling-facebook idea planted into us during lockdowns.

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Besides, many social media influencers, webinar organizers, and instructors needed high-definition cameras to represent a clear high-definition view of their faces or whatever they’re representing. This enhanced the trade in the electronic industry, mainly cameras, camera-attached high-performance mobiles/computers, drones, microphones, and tripods.

Due to the rise of remote work, productivity suites and team tracking software had a huge demand. Most suites combined various tools like time trackers, project & task managers, mood boards, mind maps/jam boards, and team chat.

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Few apps (I tried) that would most definitely win your heart include Clickup (caught my eye), Asana, and Wrike. There were chat rooms like discord and slack, designed for both in-house teams and broad communities. Most organizations or communities formed their platforms like Github, stack overflow, and community subreddits.

Although I didn’t know Slack for years (only heard the term), I thought about trying it out and found out that it’s just WhatsApp groups in disguise (just kidding there are probably more features I didn’t discover).

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While covid-19 pandemic has hit through and caused losses to several industries like Travel, Sports & Gym, etc. It gave rise to many new forms of businesses that focus more on technology or involve information technology as a part of their business.

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